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Our Range

Our Aggregate selection, for your grave designis wide ranging from Light Sand to Dolomite, Marble to White Flint and Bronze to Chinese Bauxite. With such a wide choice of colours and textures you can be assured we have something to fit your specification. Choose a single colour or several for a totally bespoke design to suit you. Check out our selection below?


Daltex Range -Brittany Bronze 1-3mm

Brittany Bronze 2-5mm

Brittany Bronze 10mm

Chinese Bauxite 1-3mm

Autumn Quartz 1-3mm

Autumn Quartz 2-5mm


Daltex Range - Golden Quartz 2-5mm

Beige 2-5mm

Black 2-5mm

Golden Pea 1-3mm

Golden Pea 2-5mm

Red 1-3mm

Red 2-5mm

Green 2-5mm

Green 3mm

Red 1-2mm

Salmon 2-5mm

Silver 10mm

Staffordshire Pink 2-5mm

White 2-5mm

Silver 1-3mm

Silver 2-5mm

Yellow 10mm

Yellow 1-4mm

Pearl Quartz 2-5mm

Dolomite 1-2mm

Dolomite Marble 1-2mm

Limestone 3mm

Pearl Quartz 1-3mm

Yellow 2-5mm

Rose Pink 2-5mm

Pearl Quartz 5-8mm

Trugrip 1-3mm

We also offer a new range of coloured Quartz, which are unique to AmazingGrave and provide a bright vibrant alternative. Please contact us for further information!

Black Pigmented 0.7-1.2mm

Carmine Red Pigmented 0.7-1.2mm

Cobalt Blue Pigmented 0.7-1.2mm

Dark Grey Coloured Blend 0.7-1.2mm

Dark Grey Pigmented 0.7-1.2mm

Green Coloured Blend 0.7-1.2mm

Light Grey 0.7-1.2mm

Mid Grey 0.7-1.2mm

Mid Grey Pigmented 0.7-1.2mm

Red Coloured 0.7-1.2mm

Seagull Pigmented 2-4mm

Sunflower Pigmented 0.7-1.2mm

Trans Quartz Black 2-4mm

White Pigmented 0.7-1.2mm

Trans Quartz Red 0.7-1.2mm

Yellow Coloured Blend 0.7-1.2mm

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